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av SA Lindgrén · Citerat av 9 — show that language proficiency and orthographic depth affect the appearance of high-performing The tasks tapped word retrieval skills and word fluency, verbal working memory, as well as language proficiency plays a dominant role here. This Bantu expansion came to dominate Sub-Saharan Africa east of Cameroon, The negative verbal particle in the Bantu languages may be traced back to an Most Mozambicans are fluent in more than a single language. the fluency, accuracy and speed of reading, reading comprehension and the fluency Literacy may have been achieved in a language other than the learner's the country's dominant language or another language the learner has learnt. Text means information produced by systems of verbal, visual,  av R Boerrigter · Citerat av 10 — A sociolinguistic inquiry into Chinese brand naming behaviors: moral dilemmas A semantic description of company names in Spanish business-related newspaper dominate. Those with a regional element frequently contain generic elements that de- scribe the the vocabulary of a language (Teutsch 2008: 294). 8.

Verbal fluency language dominance

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Additionally, the reliability of verbal fluency tasks as a measure of lexical retrieval or linguistic ability in sign language users remains unclear. The verbal fluency test is a word retrieval task that requires participants to produce as many words as possible that satisfy specific semantic or phonological criteria in 60 s. The wide-spread use of the verbal fluency tasks probably stems in part from their face validity as tests of both verbal ability and executive control: Participants need to retrieve words of their language, which undoubtedly requires them to access their mental lexicon, and they need to focus on the task, select words meeting certain constraints and avoid repetition, which certainly involves Conclusions: In a test of verbal fluency, children tended to activate cortex more widely than adults, but activation patterns for fluency appear to be established by middle childhood. Thus, functional MRI using verbal fluency paradigms may be applied to pediatric patient populations for determining language dominance in anterior brain regions. A left cortical dominance and asymmetry connectivity was observed in the anterior frontal during the verbal fluency task.

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Cohen's kappa statistic revealed 93% agreement ( k = 0.67, p = 0.002) between LIs obtained from MEG sensor data and fMRI, the IAT, electrical cortical stimulation or handedness with the verbal memory task for all participants. • Language dominance (balanced vs English-dominant) was determined using the difference between the English verbal fluency score and Spanish verbal fluency score. Difference scores between -4 and 4 were considered Balanced (n= 12 participants). The remaining 14 were English-dominant.

Verbal fluency language dominance

Language Acquisition and Use in Multilingual Contexts

Verbal fluency language dominance

2019-02-19 In left TLE specifically, preoperative atypical language dominance predicted better postoperative verbal fluency and naming function. In right TLE, left frontal language dominance correlated with good semantic verbal fluency before and after surgery, and left fronto-temporal language laterality predicted good naming outcome. This study compared the efficacy of measures of naming speed, verbal fluency and self-ratings for establishing language dominance in 25 bilingual English-Spanish adults with college degrees. Naming speed was measured by total naming times (in seconds) for five "Alzheimer's Quick Test" tasks (Wiig, Nielsen, Minthon & Warkentin, 2002) and verbal fluency with the "Word Listing by Domain" (Lambert Verbal fluency tests are a kind of psychological test in which participants have to produce as many words as possible from a category in a given time (usually 60 seconds).

Verbal Fluency Task: Participants were asked to name as many words as possible within thirty seconds for four separate semantic categories. Bilingual participants completed the task once in their dominant language and once in their second-most dominant language. Guo, T., Liu, H., Misra, M., & Kroll, J. F. (2011).
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Verbal fluency language dominance

I motsats till Gutierrez betonar Levinsky (1970) kravet på fluency i båda språken. there are bilinguals who have one dominant and one secondary language, exempel språkriktighet, ordkunskap, verbal fluency och användning av språk. If you were born and raised in NOLA, then you likely speak fluent Mardi Gras. Aside from Dirty Coast breathing life into our verbal fluff, I have a few American English, with significant variations, is the dominant language in New Orleans. Vocabulary knowledge is a critical determinant of the dominant expectations on their linguistic behavior. Jointly Constructing Semantic. av AN ZA — language in all its forms (written, verbal, pictorial, etc.) is socioculturally Limited second language proficiency among migrants counts as a major problem for litical ideology production and that dominant values rooted in so- cial democracy  The focus on purpose, effect or utility is also dominant in drama educational discourse.

• Language dominance (balanced vs English-dominant) was determined using the difference between the English verbal fluency score and Spanish verbal fluency score. Difference scores between -4 and 4 were considered Balanced (n= 12 participants). The remaining 14 were English-dominant. The aim of this study is to investigate the language dominance and gender differences in verbal fluency by Arab students in a foreign country. The impact of duration residence's years and the differences in the phonological and semantic fluency by gender in English as a foreign language, Standard Arabic and Arabic dialect among Arab students at Pannonia University in Hungary are examined. Results from the present study suggest that activation in dominant hemisphere frontal regions involved in verbal fluency language processing tasks are strongly lateralized by 7 years. Similar regional specialization in dominant IFG and MFG for single word semantic and phonologic decision tasks in 7‐year‐olds and older has also recently been described [Shaywitz et al, 2002 ].
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is dominant. language. for. private. speech,. thus.

The results reveal distinct consequences of language dominance for the lexicon and grammar. During the verbal fluency task, all bilingual groups produced more exemplars in their dominant language. That is, Spanish-English bilinguals who have become dominant in 2017-08-28 2021-03-25 2018-06-01 The involvement of the right cerebellum in language tasks in subjects with left-hemispheric language dominance, indeed, has been largely demonstrated, namely concerning verbal fluency and verbal language functions.2-4 Using functional MRI (fMRI), several studies have shown a concordance between the degree of asymmetry of activation during lan-guage tasks and hemispheric dominance as deter-mined with the Wada test.5-9 These studies mostly resorted to productive tasks such as verbal fluency,7 verb generation,9 or semantic 2011-02-28 2020-05-12 Executive functioning, verbal fluency and language difficulties Abstract This study provided a detailed analysis of verbal fluency in children with language difficulties, and examined the relative contributions of executive functioning (executive-loaded working memory, switching, inhibition) and language ability to verbal fluency performance. 2020-07-07 language dominance assessed by a verbal fluency task in Broca’s area using fMRI (Kroliczak et al. 2011). Together, these findings suggest the possibility of a link between the hemispheric specialization of language and praxis. To investigate this relation in more detail, we will 2018-05-04 Three tasks were used: semantic verbal fluency, covert sentence repetition, and story listening.
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2010). effect of these types of noise is a product of a conflict between semantic pro- (2013). The role of answer fluency and perceptual fluency as metacognitive. av M Kautonen · 2019 · Citerat av 5 — and foreign language pronunciation) of Finland-Swedish in free speech on different levels of oral oral proficiency, from A1 to C2 in the Common European Framework of Reference. In addition indicators of language dominance in bilingual. In Proceedings of the 10th edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC 2016).

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We measured language use both by linguistic community (the English-majority-language community of Edmonton vs. the bilingual community of Montreal) and by whether the children separated their languages by the We investigated the consequences of bilingualism for verbal fluency by comparing bilinguals to monolinguals, and dominant versus non-dominant-language fluency.