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The allocations marked by * are the work programme allocations In total, researchers asked for €53.4 billion (£38 billion), giving them a success rate in terms of value of 14.4 per cent. In terms of the number of proposals the success rate was 13.9 per cent. Mr Cross said that the first work programme was “seven times oversubscribed”. The success rate averaged around 10%, with the lowest being for synergy grants at 2.1%. In all, a total of €7.5 billion (US$8 billion), or 15% of the FP7 budget, was distributed to ERC grant holders.

Erc consolidator grant success rate

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The European Research Council today announced the winners of its latest Consolidator Grant competition: 301 top scientists and scholars across Europe. Funding for these researchers, part of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, is worth in total EUR 600 million. Researchers with an ERC grant (Starting, Consolidator, Advanced or Synergy) that is ongoing or has ended in the last twelve months before 1 January 2020 can apply for a PoC grant. The grants provide up to € 150,000,- for a period of eighteen months.

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As a means for an increase in success rates, re-submission rules have become more stringent An ERC grant can cover up to 100% of the total eligible direct costs of the research plus a contribution of 25% of the total eligible costs towards indirect costs. How to apply?

Erc consolidator grant success rate

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Erc consolidator grant success rate

Performance. 28.

We are proud to announce that we have a success rate of 80%.
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Erc consolidator grant success rate

ERC Funded Projects; Facts and figures; Statistics; Stories; News & Events. News; Events; Magazine; Documents and publications; Managing your project ERC Consolidator Grants are awarded to successful researchers to help them continue to build their own research groups. Higher success rate than the European average. Nine ETH group leaders submitted an application to the European Research Council (ERC); six made it to the next round and ultimately four were awarded funding. ETH researchers therefore achieved a success rate of 44 percent – significantly higher than the current European average of approx.

109 ERC Grants in Horizon 2020, of which the Starting Grants constitute the biggest fraction. The overall success rate of ERC frontier research applications at Austrian institutions is 17.3%, above the average for all countries (12.0%). Following a decline in “Austrian“ Starting and Consolidator Grant applications at the Established by the European Commission Average success rate 12% │ 12 ERC schemes are highly competitive! ERC CONSOLIDATOR grant 7-12 years after PhD PI is consolidating team consolidation of independence ERC ADVANCED grants internationally recognized # Interviews Step 1 success rate (26 % overall) STG 2014-2015 # interviews at Step 2 with success rate by years past PhD STG 2014 (825) STG 2015 (751) As a whole, EU-LIFE partners have a success rate of at least three times higher than the general success rate of ERC Starting and Consolidator grants (over 33% compared to an average of 10%). But this news comes with a bitter aftertaste, as the announced cuts in the Horizon 2020 budget (including ERC) due to the so-called Juncker’s plan may now jeopardise Europe’s competitiveness in future • The UK was the most successful country in applying to the ERC in FP7 • Around 20% of all ERC grants are based in the UK • PIs at over 80 institutions in the UK have been awarded an ERC grant • Over 1400 grants have been awarded to UK Host Institutions since 2007.
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According to the ERC, the success rate for women was higher than the success rate for men (14.5% and for men 12.6%). The grantees are from 39 different nationalities, with the largest share accounted for by Italians (47 And of these, 11 earned the highest rat­ing, an “A” score (61.1%), and 10 were ul­ti­mately ap­proved. This cor­res­ponds to a 55.5 per­cent suc­cess rate. The av­er­age suc­cess rate for Con­sol­id­ator Grants had pre­vi­ously been just un­der 38 per­cent. • 13.2% overall success rate of, up from 12.4% in 2019 • 39% success rate for proposals passed to Step 2 of Evaluation Breakdown by research domain: 2020-01-31 Please find below the requested data for Starting Grant applicants that received score A and were not funded in years 2013-2017, and re-applied in the following year (in any of the main ERC calls): C Reapplied B (step Call Non-funded A next year Funded Non-funded A B step2 step1 1) StG2017 182 102 30 18 7 44 3 StG2016 138 65 19 19 7 19 1 Success rates ERC calls 2020 Consolidator Grant: 9-14 years past 3rd medical examination (Staatsexamen) Date of medical doctorate does not count for eligibility window PIs with MD and PhD: date of earliest degree applies. ENJT | 6 July 2019 16 ERC Advanced Grant Three of the 50 grants awarded to UK institutions have been given to UCL researchers.

Three of the 50 grants awarded to UK institutions have been given to UCL researchers. This year, 37% of grants were awarded to female researchers, the highest proportion since the start of the Consolidator grant scheme. Overall the success rate for women applicants was 14.5%, and 12.6% for men. 25.02.2020 - The selection of research projects to be funded by the European Research Council (ERC) is highly competitive; therefore, the funding of a project by the ERC is a key indicator for research excellence. of ERC grants Consolidator Grant Advanced Grant Synergy Grant 2-4 PIs pursuing ambitious & Success rate 1st evaluation phase (StG 2019) 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% ERC (European Research Council) Consolidator Grants are annually awarded to excellent scientists who want to consolidate their own independent research team or programme.
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ERC Consolidator Grant Westenhoff t.o.m 2022-05-31. KMB. 250. 250 How would you rate the usefulness of the section "Group discussions about the roles in PhD. Education/ ”The research student's guide to success”. ERC Consolidator Grant Westenhoff t.o.m 2022-05-31 Novel equipment is developed at a rate and to a price, which the single fundamental to the success of this department and to UGOT's status as a research university.

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Consortium: Principal Investigator as single applicant who has been awarded his or her first PhD > 7 and ≤ 12 years. Scope: ERC Consolidator Grants are designed to support excellent At the end of 2019, the ERC assessed the success rate of 172 European institutions that applied for ERC funding in calls in 2014-2018 and were hosting at least seven grants as of December 2019. All categories and grants considered, the FMI achieved a remarkable success rate of 75%, … The ERC aims to have similar success rates between the Starting Grants and the Consolidator Grants in the ERC 2017 call and to achieve this the number of grants available has been increased by 80 to 415. In the tables below the figures in brackets are projections. The allocations marked by * are the work programme allocations The female success rate was 6.1 per cent, compared with 8.6 per cent for men. The spokesman also pointed out that in the most recent round of consolidator grants , aimed at mid-career researchers, women were slightly more successful than men, taking 28 per cent of the grants, with a success rate of 15.2 per cent, compared with 14.9 per cent for men. All Principal Investigators funded through an ERC Consolidator grant shall spend a minimum of 5 0% of their working time in an EU Member State or Associated Country and a minimum of 40% of their working time on the ERC project.